Zlatko Vickovic’s work explore connections between people and their natural environment, as much as in urban as in rural settings. He started his career in art as a traditional painter and then switched to photography.

He uses classical street photography/documentary approach in his work that deals with seeing beyond the obvious, observing the usual, quick reaction to fleeting reality, sometimes without rational thinking but rather with almost instinctive response to the surrounding. His photographs are published numerous times in various online and print articles, newspapers, and magazines.

He is currently working on a large scale project about his rapidly dying home country Serbia. He lives and works in Novi Sad, Serbia-small country in Eastern Europe.



International exhibition / Blind Pilots Project / Thessaloniki, Greece. 2016

International exhibition / Photoville 2016 / New York

International public presentation/exibition / Magnum workshop with Matt Black / Budapest 2017

Hometown Poems / KC LAB / Novi Sad, Serbia 2018

available for commissioned work.