Curing Smile


    After almost two hours of non- stop street shooting with my Nikon around the neighbourhood, tired, I leaned my back on a wall of local apothecary. I lit up my cigarette. Well, I said to myself, no iconic photo today. Nothing for which I will be remembered by future photography kids.I turn around slightly and then I saw this girl in the apothecary, with her sad, bored face. Apothecary was ghostly empty. Instinctively, I raised my Nikon and pointed it to her. And, surprisingly, she didn't cover her face or hide behind the counter. I caught her. She didn`t expected that at all. So instead usual reaction - she gave me this big, great smile.

   After all these years that I`m on this earth, I'm  pretty much convinced that civilization is going down. Everything will be turned into dust and flame if we don`t do something to stop it. Cures that they are selling to us are just poison. Truth that they try to sell to us are just pure plain lies. And only things that matters are little moments like this, I think. I surprise her and lighting up  that dark cloud of thoughts in her  bored and tired mind. And she gave me that big smile as a prize for that.This photo is not iconic streetphoto. No dramatic noir shadows or hidden metaphysical messages. Just simple image of one small sequence of life.Enough for me, enough for her. Maybe that's enough for my first blog post.