Taking your street photography to next level.
stairway to heaven/zlatko vickovic

If  you google for a term street photography, your browser will show you a lot of photos. Nobody can say how many street photography photos exist in this moment, and even worse - thousands and thousands are coming on our screens every minute. Yet, what about quality of these photos? I will tell you, honestly, most of them sucks - they are far, far below margin of even decent street photography.

So, why is it like this? Why we want to have thousands of photos in our streams or websites with few likes on social networks that will went almost unnoticed. I will also point here, that number of likes or faves are mostly measure of how many followers you have, not how good your photos are. It`s a sick game of getting really, really small virtual pleasures in our minds, with every like or fav we receive. I think we’ve mixed up pleasure of actually taking photos with pleasure of getting likes. And as number of photos on the internet grows, guess what - quality of these photos exponentially goes down. If you look at the masters of photography, they are all remembered with couple of photos, not more than 5 to 10. And behind them is their whole life-work, sometimes decades of really hard work with camera.

old green / zlatko vickovic

There are at least two things I see here. First, we are easily satisfied, like children. Then, we are lazy. As always, we want great results but without hard work that is necessary to achieve this. It`s like we want to have great shaped body, but we don`t want to go to the gym. So, imagine this… you are at the corner of two streets in your hometown, and you found this great wall that can be used as a background for your next masterpiece. So you pull out your camera and wait a bit. A few strangers pass by, you take a few shoots and you move along to next great spot. Sound familiar? How about you bring small chair with you on that square, and you sit and crouch and jump and lay down and try everything you can think of with camera for 5-6 hours? You take 3000 thousand photos from every angle imaginable of that square, in different light condition, different time of day, with different people, and combination of people, cars, bicycles, cats, dogs, birds, street signs… etc. I guarantee you, you will have at least few good shots, maybe even one great. So next time you go out, take your patience and determination to make great shot, and I can assure you - you’ll certainly have  one.

out of shadow / zlatko vickovic
heavy beer / zlatko vickovic
morning news / zlatko vickovic