Do you want to be great street photographer or great blogger?
“Love art in yourself, and not yourself in art.”― Konstantin Stanislavski, My Life In Art
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What do Alex Webb, David Alan Harvey, Daido Moriyama, Josef Koudelka, Bruce Gilden have in common? Your guess is, they are all great street photographers. And guess what else? They don’t have a blog where they share their opinions, new camera reviews, interviews with other street photographers, personal thoughts about philosophy, death, life… you know how it goes…

     And that’s because if you want to be great street photographer what do you need? You need to spend a lot of hours (and I really mean a lot) on the actual shooting on the streets. There is no shortcut for that. Then, there is editing and selection from these piles of images, post processing, printing or archiving. Usually, those photographers have one or two active projects they are working on, or they are preparing a new book, talking to editors etc. And of course, they also need to sleep, eat, go shopping for clothes or whatever, like the rest of us. So.... your guess is right again. They don’t have time for blogging. That's exactly why they are such good street photographers.

     Blogging is different kind of animal (sorry, I mean activity). If you want to be a good blogger (regardless of what the main theme of your blog is) you need to write a lot (and again, I mean a lot). It doesn’t matter so much if your content is of good quality or not. You just need to keep the flow and add one article after another to a pile of articles that will rank you higher and higher on a search page when someone enters “street photography” in a search box. You also need to think about your SEO, tag every article properly, and then share it to the death on a decent number of social media platforms, but not too much so as not to piss your audience. You can earn your bread from the adds, or, if you have big enough audience, maybe Fuji or Olympus will throw you some pennies. And, of course, you can sell your Workshops, where you’ve probably repeated what you had already written in your articles multiple times. Hey! And where is the time for the ACTUAL shooting? Guess again? If you are a good blogger or if you have an ambition to become one, you don’t have time for shooting. You trade it for blogging. A blogger or a street photographer? Each profession is fine if you ask me. But you need to choose. Because it’s impossible to be both, let alone to be good at both, or even great. So, the next time you want to pay for the workshop or listen to a street photography advice from one of the bloggers/street photographers, think about that. How many hours has this “teacher” actually been on the streets, with camera in their hands? How many hours have they been digging through the piles of negatives, or been in the dark room, or in front of the lightroom screen scrolling through thousands of images? So take advice and critics from these great teachers with a big grain of salt.

     Ok, I understand, you want to be famous, you want people to know about you. That’s ok. But there are two completely different roads, that’s the point. And you can’t take both simultaneously. And now, I know, you will say: “Just listen to what this guy is saying. He is such a hypocrite. He has a blog, and he also calls himself a Street photographer, and he probably thinks about himself, as we all do about ourselves, that he is a good one.” Well, this is true to some point. But I don’t have time to think about that right now. I’ve gone outside, into the streets with my camera turned on, where the real life is…