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The trick to succeeding in anything is simple.

You just need to endure.

To keep doing what you're doing, no matter what.

It will take quite some time to bear the fruits of your labor. It will take years, maybe decades. So, it's impossible if you don't love what you're doing.

The only difference between successful people and others is that they didn't stop. No obstacle in personal or business life took them down. If they stuck in front of the closed doors, they simply find a new path.

At first, people around you, even the closest one will tell you to quit.

"There is no money in it. You are wasting your time. You better think about how to improve your families life." That's what they will say. And it will be hard. Then they will let you go for a while. "He is not serious. It's not for him. He will see that for himself and will quit. It's just a matter of time." That's what they'll think.

And if you continue to do it, after a while, they will push you along the same lines, but now much harder. And you will doubt yourself. You will question what you're doing. That one thing in life that you love to do. Your true passion.

Then, just around the time you are really and seriously think to quit, something will happen. Some form of motivational energy will come from the world. Small recognition. An honest and thoughtful message about your work. Invitation to show what you've done. A little spark just in time to restart your passion and to free you from the vicious circle of giving up thoughts.

Then, after quite some time, people around you will stop to bother you. After all, if you are doing what you're doing so long, it must be who you are, it must be for you. So, it's pointless to try to talk you out of it. That's what they'll think. They may even tap you on a shoulder with

" Hey, great. I always believed in what you're doing."

What a joke.

And, don't just repeat what you've already done. Find new ways. Creative approaches. Different angles. New tools, new gears. Learn from your mistakes. Don't look what others do, don't compare yourself to the others. Look what you've done, and how you can build upon it. Especially when you fill stuck.

Don't worry. Life is too short for that. It will become easier after a while, and harder at the same time.

This is a letter to myself and to you.

Print it on your soul and read it in the times of despair.

I will.