najlon pijaca



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Where else in the world you can buy alive goats, lost Renoir from the dusty attic maybe, photo magazines from the 1970-es, used kids toys that are on the edge to look like a pure garbage, fresh fish from the river Danube, facebook page with a lot of followers, or even original knife of the ss general from the Third Reich. The answer is known to almost every Serbian; the name of the place is Nylon Market. It’s the whole world in itself.


Nylon market was established spontaneously during the sixties of the past century in the Novi Sad, the capital city of republic Vojvodina. At that time it was located on the right side of Temerin bridge, and in the beginning, it was only two rows of placed nylons and old newspapers on the ground, where citizens have brought their old clothes and shoes, old home furniture and all the stuff they could find. After this "wild" years, Nylon Market was moved on the other side of the street, legalized from the City and today it spreads on almost 40.000 square meters.

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Garbage from the whole Europe and wider become here valuable merchandise for someone. As the old Nylon wisdom says “ Every item has his buyer, you just need to wait long enough.” It`s an essential part of the grey economy of the country, as for many people this place is the only chance to earn some money and feed their families.

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For this ongoing project, I keep coming back to this raw and paradox place, usually with a small camera and try to blend in the crowd. Sometimes, I act like a regular customer, start a conversation, and then ask the people if I can document them and their goods. If you are not careful enough you can get a few punches in the face, because many stolen items are selling here, and generally people don`t like to be photographed. But it’s a fascinating world, and in my opinion, well worth documenting for future generations.

If you are visiting Novi Sad, don’t forget to check this place. You really never know what you can find here.